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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Festivals of Madhya Pradesh | Madhya Pradesh culture

The Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh has it's own set of festivals and distinct culture. Festivals of Madhya Pradesh are spread throughout the year. There are many regional festivals celebrated in Madhya Pradesh like Madai celebrated in bastar region. Bhagoriya festival is a very interesting one which signifies love, romance and even marriage.

Following is complete list of festivals celebrated in Madhya Pradesh:

- Khajuraho Festival of Dance, Khajuraho
- Nimar Utsav
- Fair of Nagaji
- Bahgoriya
- Diwali
- Dussehra
- Madai
- Chethiyagiri Vihara Festival, Sanchi
- Navratri Festival, Ujjain
- Shivratri Mela, Pachmarhi
- Tansen Music Festival, Gwalior

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Gujarati Festivals | Festivals of Gujarat

Gujarat is state situated in western India, Festivals in Gujarat are celebrated with great enthusiasm and religious beleif, Gujarat has a unique culture and Gujarati Festivals have their own value in gujarat. The most colorful and popular festival is Navratri celebrated throughout nine nights in the month of October. People of all age groups assemble in temple compounds and sing and dance till the wee hours in he morning. The festival ends with Dusshera. Other festivals celebrated in Gujarat are Diwali, Holi, Janmastami and Raksha Bandhan. Festivals like International Kite Festival, Modhera Dance Festival and Saptak Music Festival are celebrated in Gujarat.

Following are festivals celebrated in Gujarat:

- Navaratri
- Holi
- Dussehra
- Diwali
- Janamashtami
- Raksha Bandhan
- International Kite Festival
- Music Festival
- Ambaji Mela
- Parikarma Fair
- Shamlaji Fair
- Vautha fair

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Andhra festivals | Festivals celebrated in Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh is state of south India which shares it's borders with Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Orissa and Tamil Nadu. With cosmopolitic capital city of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh festivals has a very unique and diverse culture which is mainly seperated into Telangana culture and Andhra.

Following are festivals celebrated in Andhra Pradesh:

- Pongal
- Shivratri
- Ugadi
- Ganesh Chaturthi
- Lumbini Festival
- Deccan Festival
- Brahmotsav
- Ryalseema Food and Dance Festival

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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Government holidays list 2011

Following is list of holidays as given by Government of India for 2011, festivals with orange background shows Gazatted holidays and pink ones show restricted holidays for the year 2011.

Holiday titleCalendar date
Guru Gobind Singh jayanti5/1/2011
Republic day26/1/2011
New year's Day1/1/2011
Makara Sakranti14/1/2011
Basant Panchami8/2/101
Maharishi Dayanand Jayanti27/2/1011
Shivaji jayanti19/2/2011
Guru Ravidas Jayanti18/2/2011
Ugadi/gudi padava4/4/2011
Ram navami12/4/2011
Good Friday22/4/2011
Vaishaki/ambedkar jayanti14/4/2011
Mahavir Jayanti16/4/2011
Buddha Purnima17/5/2011
Guru Rabindranath Birthday9/5/2011
Hzrat Ali Birthday16/6/2011
Rath yatra3/7/2011
Independence day15/8/2011
Raksha Bandhan13/8/2011
Parsi New Year19/8/2011
Ganesh Chaturthi1/9/2011
Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti2/10/2011
Maha Saptami3/10/2011
Maha Ashtami4/10/2011
Valmiki Jayanti11/10/2011
Bhai duj28/10/2011
Maha Navami5/10/2011
Guru Nanak Jayanti10/11/2011
Chhat Puja1/11/2011
Guru Teg Bahadur Martydom24/11/2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raksha bandhan 2011 - festival of brother sister bond

The festival of brother's and sister's love and unity will occur on 13th August 2011 which is saturday, and is one of the most important festival of India.

India is a country of festivals. It is culturally so rich that it celebrates a festival almost every month. The people of India are so lively that they find a reason or the other for celebrations. One of such reasons is the sweet and sour relationship between a brother and a sister. Though brothers and sisters share and enjoy the bond of love between them throughout the year but Rakhi is the day when they get an opportunity to express their tender love and feelings towards each other. The Rakhi day is an opportunity for them to commemorate their loving memories, loyalty, closeness, trust and friendship that is lasting and true.

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Raksha Bandhan is celebrated every year on 'Shravan Purnima' (Full Moon Day of the Hindu month of Shravan), which generally falls in the month of August. On the holy day of Rakhi the sisters tie a sacred piece of thread (Known as Rakhi or 'Raksha-Sutra') on the wrist of their brothers. Then they sweeten each others mouths with delicious and mouth-watering sweets. The festival of Rakhi also includes a tradition of offering gifts to sisters by the brothers.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hindu Festivals of India

Holiday Observed in
Bhogi Andhra Pradesh

(Tamil New Year)
Andaman & Nicobar, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Puduchery, Tamil Nadu
Thiruvalluvar Day Puduchery, Tamil Nadu
Uzhavar Thirunal

(Farmers' Day)
Tamil Nadu
Vasant Panchami Orissa, Tripura, West Bengal
Maha Shivaratri Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Chandigarh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Orissa, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh
Holi all states and territories except Karnataka, Kerala, Nagaland, Puduchery, Tamil Nadu and Tripura
Cheti Chand

(Sindhi New Year)
Uttar Pradesh
Gudi Padva

(Marathi New Year)
Goa, Maharashtra
(Telugu New Year)
Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Puduchery, Tamil Nadu
Rama Navami Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh
(Assamese New Year)
Pohela Boishakh
(Bengali New Year)
Tripura, West Bengal
Maharishi Parasuram Jayanti Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh
Raksha Bandhan Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh
Krishna Janmashtami Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chandigarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra
Ganesh Chaturthi Goa, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh,Puduchery, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka
Onam Kerala, Puduchery
Mahalaya Karnataka, West Bengal, Assam
Dussehra all states and territories except Punjab

observed for 2 days in Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Kerala, Nagaland, Orissa, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh

observed for 3 days in Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura

observed for 4 days in West Bengal
Lakshmi Puja Assam, Tripura, West Bengal, Maharashtra
Diwali all states and territories

observed for 2 days in Assam, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh
Bhai Duj Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Festivals of Mizoram | Culture of Mizoram | Mizoram Festivals list

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Easter - know more about Easter

Chapchar - Chapchar is one of the most famous festivals of Mizoram. This is basically a thanksgiving festival, which is celebrated after completion of the cutting of jhums. The cutting of jhums with simple axes is a very laborious and tie consuming task. To celebrate the success of cutting jhum, the festival is observed with much pomp and show. It continues for a period of seven days and even beyond if the villagers would be able to afford it.

Mim Kut - The festival of Mim Kut celebrated before the hard work in the jhum comes to an end. It is usually observed in the month of September and would last only for a day or two to commemorate someone who has expired in the previous year. Mim Kut is thus one of the most renowned festivals of Mizoram. All the necessary items of daily life like fresh vegetables, maize, bread, accessories and cloth, as offerings, would be placed on the memorials of the dead. It is also a firm belief of the locals that the spirits of their ancestors would revisit their house during this festival.

Thalfavang Kut - The festivals of Thalfavang Kut is celebrates when people of Mizoram complete the process of weeding of the field and prepare for the forthcoming harvest and is definitely one of the most cherished festivals of Mizoram. This grand festival is painted with lots of vibrant shades and invokes a different kind of experience to the tourists who visit the state of Mizoram every year. This auspicious occasion also gives the people from the remotest parts to come forward and celebrate together as well as retain the new bonds while renewing the old ones.

Pawl Kut - This harvest festival is celebrated after the village accumulates had gathered its harvest. This much-awaited festival lasts for a span of one or two days and the villagers would indulge themselves in the festivities with much excitement and vigor. They would offer prayers to the local deity and would participate in the grand feasts and dance performances during this special event. It is also customary for everyone in the village to feast on eggs and meat. Men would go out hunting wild beats.

Festivals of Goa | Goa Festivals list | Culture of Goa

The state of Goa celebrates a long procession of festivals throughout the year. This state is famous for its Indo-Latin festivals. In fact this is a state where festivals are regarded as a way of life. Since they are based on the Hindu calendar, all do not occur on fixed dates of the calendar year. Despite the long span of Portuguese colonization, the Hindu festivals of the state have still retained their unique Goan character and are celebrated throughout the state with deep fervor and enthusiasm.

Following is the list of festivals celebrated in Goa throughout the year which depict true culture of Goa.

Rakshabandhan - read more..

Ganesh Chaturthi - Elephant God, Ganesh. Most of the inhabitants of the state return to their native birthplace or their ancestral abodes to join the entire family in the joyous festivities. The locals of Goa with fervor and enthusiasm organize the celebrations no less intensity than the state of Maharashtra where it is unquestionably the most important festival of the year.

Mahashivratri - read more..

Diwali - Festivals of Lights -

Ram Navami - read more..

Holi - read more..

There are various christian festivals celebrated in state of goa these are as follows:

Christmas - read more about christmas | send christmas gifts

Sao Jao Festival - Sao Joao is the feast of the Baptist St. John. On this auspicious occasion all the married females are presented a basket full of seasonal fruits to be taken to their homes. The new married son-in-laws celebrate this festival in their mother in laws` place. In the villages of Goa the local youth go on a procession wearing crowns of leaves and carrying bottles of Feni and ultimately arrives at a well of pond into which they jump along with the sons-in-law.

Bonderam - The festival of Bonderam is celebrated in the state in memory of the protests that were raised by scores of villagers against the unjust and unreasonable system they adopted to settle down land disputes and ownership issues of land. During this festival the charming and quiet island comes alive with the fervor and exuberance and there is a carnival ambience that is created with the melody of the music reaching even the mainland of Goa.

Haryana culture | festivals of Haryana | Haryana Festivals list

The Festive celebrations in Haryana are marked with great enthusiasm and traditional fervor. Festivals in the state of Haryana make for unrestrained merrymaking. Haryana participates in almost all the festivals taking place in the country the most vibrant one being Teez. The festivals of Haryana would not only enliven your spirits but also would be a warm welcome from the monotonous schedule of your regular life. festivals of Haryana provides true picture of culture of haryana.

Following is the list of festivals celebrated in harya thus depicting the true culture of Haryana.

Holi - This festival of colours is celebrated in it's own peculiar way in haryana which also may vary district wise even within the state read more..

Diwali - read more..

Lohri - read more..

Basant Panchami - Festival of Basant panchami is celebrated in Haryana with as much pomp and fervor as that of the whole country. In this state Basant Panchami is celebrated to welcome the season of spring after the dead and decay of the winter season. People celebrate this joyous festival with much ebullience and the main attraction of this festival is kite flying.

Baisakhi - read more..

Gangore - Gangore is celebrated on Chet Sudi-3 or in the months of March/April. Huge idols of Gangore and Ishar are taken out in a procession and devotional melodies are sung in praise of the Lord till they are immersed in the water. This is mainly regarded as a springtime festival and is observed in the honor of the Goddess of abundance, Gauri.

Teej - It is celebrated to the welcome the season of monsoon. After the first showers of rainy season, a small insect called Teej in the state of Haryana comes out from the earth’s soil. All the girls are excused from the household chores on this day as they apply henna on their hands and feet. They also receive new clothes from their parents. The puja or the worship is performed early in the morning and the ‘baya’ which consists of various foodstuff is placed on a platter at the place of worship. A decorated ‘chowk’ or square is also kept over there and an idol or picture of Goddess Parvati is installed. Different cultural performances are kept exclusively for the evening.

Guggapir - The festival of guggapir is celebrated by both the Hindu and the Islam community and reflects the true secular spirit in the state of Haryana. A dance procession is also taken out in which the Panch Pirs are the main dancers. They sing songs in the honor and praise of Gugga.

Janmashtami - read more..

Nirjala Akadshi - The festival of Nirjala Akadshi forms a very important part in the lives of the women in the state of Haryana. It is celebrated in the month of Jaisth or the months of May/June according tpo the English calendar. The women folks perform some religious rites and rituals for the welfare of their family. They keep fast for the whole and also remain abstained from water.

Dussehra - read more..

Festivals of Jharkhand | Jharkhand culture

India is land of unity in diversity and Jharkhand is also important part of free india earlier it was part of state of Bihar bu now seprated from bihar and the capital of jharkhand is ranchi, Jharkhand (28th state of india) has lots of regional festivals and unique culture known as jharkhand culture so here is list of festivals of jharkhand which truly represents the culture of jharkhand in every aspect.

Following are Festivals of Jharkhand which show culture of Jharkhand

Holi - read more..

Diwali - Diwali or Deepawali is biggest and grandest indian festival read more..

Ramnavami - read more about RamNavami

Dussehra - read more about Dussehra

Basant Panchami - This festival is celebrated in Jharkhand with as much pomp and fervor as that of the whole country. In this state Basant Panchami is celebrated to welcome the season of spring.

Chhath Puja - During this festival the setting Sun is worshipped with utmost sincerity and devotion. The inhabitants of the state have immense faith on this auspicious festival, which is celebrated two times a year once in the month of Chaitra or March, and the other time in which it is celebrated is the month of Kartik, which falls in the month of November. The harmonious melody of the lyrics chanted during this festival lets one immerse in the sanctity and the purity of this auspicious occasion. Besides the Hindus, some of the Muslims also actively participate in the holy ceremony. If we opt for redefining this festival then we can say that it is an expression of seeking blessings from the forces of the nature, thus representing the amalgamation of the Vedic and non-Aryan religion.

Bhaiya Dooj - Jitya Bhaiya Dooj one of the prominent festivals of Jharkhand is celebrated in the state of Jharkhand with as much exuberance as in the other states. It is a festival purely dedicated to the love and affection between brothers and sisters. Brothers bless their sisters and also promises to protect them from all hardships. The celebration of Bhaiya Dooj in this state can be redefined as a bond that speaks of sensitivity and timeless relationship. so it's wholly dedicated to brothers and sisters.

Eid-ul-Fitr - read more..

Eid-ul-Adha - read more..

Jharkhand also celebrates various tribal festivals which are described below :

Sohrai - The Sohrai festival is a popular and much-awaited festival of the tribes of Jharkhand. It is associated with the cattle and is celebrated during the festival of Diwali, which falls in the month of November. During the festive celebrations the cattle are washed and worshipped. This is a time for great amusement and performances of cattle such as bullfights are organized to multiply the fun and excitement.

Karma - The festival of Karma, also known to be a religious festival, calls for huge celebration among the tribals of Jharkhand. On the day of this festival devotees keep fast of complete 24 hours. The cultural performances are observed keeping a branch of a Sal tree in the middle of an open ground.

Sarhul - Sarhul is main festival of the tribal population of Jharkhand. The verbal meaning of Sarhul is worship of the Sal tree. Sarhul can also be redefined as worship of nature in which local people worship Sita, the wife of Lord Rama as `Dhartimata`. They also worship the Sal tree, which is believed as the abode of Goddess Sarna who protects the village from all kinds of natural calamities and disasters.